Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

The Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties includes two types of members:

  1. Network member organization
  2. Partner organization

Network member organization

A network member organization is any national association founded in Canada whose majority of members are regulated nurses, and whose application has been approved by CNA’s chief executive officer.

Criteria to become a network member organization are as follows:

  • The association can show that 30 per cent or more of its regular membership consists of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, retired nurses, registered/licenced practical nurses, and/or registered psychiatric nurses — and of that group, more than 30% per cent are CNA members
  • The association has members in at least six provinces or territories
  • The association’s has bylaws (incorporated nationally)
  • The association’s bylaws provide for the election of officers and directors and independent policy-making
  • The association’s objectives, adopted by its members, are compatible with CNA’s corporate objectives
  • The association has current (reviewed every five years) national practice standards

Note: Nurses are members of CNA through their provincial or territorial regulatory and/or professional bodies, except in Ontario and Quebec. Nurses in Ontario and Quebec join CNA directly.

Network member organizations are entitled to the following voting privileges:

  • Nominating and voting for network representatives to the CNA board
  • Nominating and voting for the CNA president-elect
  • Nominating a public representative
  • Nominating candidates for the Jeanne Mance Award and CNA Order of Merit awards in clinical practice, nursing administration, education, research and policy.

Partner organization

A partner organization is any national association that is unable to meet all the criteria to become a network member organization, but whose application to be a partner organization is approved by CNA’s chief executive officer.

Partner organizations do not have voting privileges.

Application process

There are four steps to the application process:

  1. Complete online application and provide required documentation
  2. Complete specialty practice checklist
  3. Review of application by the network advisory committee
  4. Final approval by the CNA chief executive officer

Once the application has been reviewed by the network advisory committee and its recommendation has been approved by the CNA CEO, the organization will be informed of the decision. Once the organization is accepted as a member, it is required to pay the membership fee within 30 days.

Network membership fees

The network membership fee is $200 plus applicable taxes.