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Renewal by Continuous Learning

The vast majority of CNA-certified nurses renew their credential through the CL option, which requires you to accumulate 100 CL hours related to your nursing practice specialty over the five-year term.

Read our important dates to learn when you can renew your specialty certification. If you’re ready to renew your certification, log in to MyCNA.ca (formerly NurseONE). Before renewing, you may want to learn more about the renewal requirements.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the activity guidelines outlined below.

Track your learning

The easiest way for you to track your CL hours is by using our form, Continuous Learning for Certification Renewal: Activities and Competencies [DOCX, 67.1 KB]. It is a convenient way to log your activities as you complete them. At the end of your five-year term, you submit your CL activities as part of your renewal application (we don’t need to see your CL hours until then).

When you apply for renewal, you will need to upload your CL tracking form.

It’s also important that you keep all official documents confirming your attendance in CL activities. These documents may be required as part of our renewal auditing process.

CL activities — general guidelines

The CNA Certification Program offers a great deal of flexibility on the type of CL activities you can count toward renewing your certification credential.

  • Each CL activity must relate to improving knowledge and skills in your nursing practice specialty. This means the primary responsibilities in your job description would not count (e.g., if you’re a nurse educator responsible for orientating new staff, orientations or teaching would not count as a CL activity)
  • Each CL activity must be completed within the five-year certification term.
  • Count one CL hour for each clock hour.
  • Count any CL activities that are 30 minutes or longer.
  • You don’t need our pre-authorization to count your CL activities.
  • Count the same CL activity only once during the five-year term, unless it’s at a higher level. For example, you can only count “basic cardiac life support” once over the five years, even if you take it more than once. But “basic cardiac life support” and “advanced cardiac life support” would count as two separate CL activities.
  • We accept CL activities earned outside Canada.

CL activities — specific guidelines

The following list provides details on CL activities you may wish to count. Note that many activities have a maximum number of CL hours that you can claim during your 5-year certification term.

Click each activity for details.

Academic courses

Professional publications

Evidence-based practice and research projects

Conferences, teleconferences, seminars and workshops

CNA certification exam development

CNA Certification Mentorship Program

CNA professional development

Independent study

Leading a study group to prepare for the certification exam

Professional specialty committee/association membership or participation

Presentations, lectures and posters


Webinars and podcasts

Other activities

If you have any questions or you don’t see an activity you completed, please do not hesitate to contact us at certification@cna-aiic.ca.