Is your organization interested in applying for Stellar certification? After you’ve confirmed your eligibility, doing a self-assessment is the next step.

This self-assessment enables your organization to measure its present status against the Stellar Certification Program’s standards and helps you understand the evidence that you’ll need to provide as part of your evaluation. As per our disclaimer, however, completion of the self-assessment does not guarantee a Stellar applicant’s success.

The self-assessment is optional, but all applicants are strongly encouraged to complete it as an important step to Stellar certification.

Who should fill out the self-assessment?

Early awareness of the Stellar standards and knowledge of the program will be key to your success.

Administrators, managers, direct care nurses, and other staff at all clinical levels are encouraged to participate in the completion of this self-assessment.

Your organization may choose to have employees complete the document independently and collate results for review. Or you may work on it as a discussion group comprised of a variety of clinical and administrative positions.


This web page and the Self-assessment Workbook were developed to help organizations gauge their readiness in pursuing Stellar certification. The data collected with the assessment workbook is designed for the organization’s internal use only and is not required to be shared with the Canadian Nurses Association or the Stellar Certification Program. Should the applicant organization choose to share the results of its self-assessment, it will not be used in the formal Stellar assessment and it will not be shared with Stellar reviewers. Applicants are advised that the self-assessment will not be accepted as evidence throughout the assessment process.

CNA makes no representations or warranties regarding the use of this web page, the Self-assessment Workbook, or other information for any other purpose. The applicant organization should ensure that information is kept confidential, and any collected information or results are used only for the intended purpose. CNA is not liable for any loss, damage, harm or injury arising from or relating to the organization’s use of information, including but not limited to use beyond the intended purpose. A favourable self-assessment does not guarantee that an organization will receive a designation from the Stellar Certification Program.