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The CNA Certification Program is Canada’s only bilingual, nationally recognized nursing specialty credential. Nearly 17,000 RNs across Canada are certified in 20 nursing practice specialties.

Top health-care employers across Canada support certification because they want RNs who are confident in their skill and have expertise in the latest standards of practice and care. CNA is now offering incentives to employers who sponsor 10 or more nurses in becoming certified.

Organizational benefits

Having CNA-certified nurses in your organization means:

  • Better patient and human resource outcomes
  • Enhanced employer reputation for quality care
  • Optimal patient care to support professional leadership and liability insurance
  • Staff who know national standards for best practices
  • Connections to specialty nurses for support and learning
  • Added value to interprofessional teams
  • Fostering a learning environment
  • Recognition as a leading employer

In addition, computer-based testing mean flexible exam dates to minimize the scheduling impact on your organization while your nurses are becoming certified.

See what nurse leaders are saying about CNA certification.

Group financial incentives are available.

Initial and renewal certification

To become certified, nurses must meet important eligibility requirements and then write an exam. The exams are bilingual and rigorously validated by subject matter experts from across Canada. These experts collaborate with testing and measurement consultants from Yardstick Assessment Strategies Inc., which ensures the exams reflect the latest evidence-based practices.

Nurses must renew their credential every five years. They can do so by submitting a record of continuous learning or by rewriting the exam.

Important dates


  • January 3 – March 1 › Application window to write or renew by exam
  • May 1– 15 › Certification exam window

FALL 2017

  • June 1 – September 15 — New extended date! › Application window to write or renew by exam
  • November 1 – 15 › Certification exam window

January 3 – November 30 › Application window to renew by continuous learning for certified nurses whose term expires in 2017

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