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CNA Position Statements

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Advanced Practice Nursing (under review)

Clinical Nurse Specialist [PDF, 118.6 KB] (November 2016) 
    • History - Retired: May 2009 [PDF, 930.6 KB]
The Nurse Practitioner [PDF, 136.1 KB] (November 2016) 


Joint Statement on Breastfeeding [PDF, 138.5 KB] (March 2008)


Emergency Preparedness and Response [PDF, 139.5 KB] (November 2018) 

  • History - Retired: July 2012 [PDF, 254.6 KB]

Environmentally Responsible Activity in the Health-care Sector [PDF, 131.9 KB] (joint, February 2009)

Ethical Practice: The Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses [PDF, 754.9 KB] (July 2008, retired)

Evidence-informed Decision-making and Nursing Practice [PDF, 144.2 KB] (November 2018) 


Global Health and Equity [PDF, 305.5 KB] (August 2009)


Harm Reduction and Substance Use [PDF, 1.4 MB] (joint, March 2018) 


Influenza Immunization of Nurses [PDF, 125 KB] (November 2019) 

International Trade and Labour Mobility [PDF, 132.3 KB] (June 2017) 

Interprofessional Collaboration [PDF, 116.5 KB] (April 2019) 

Intra-Professional Collaboration [PDF, 141.7 KB] (March 2020)


Mental Health Services [PDF, 274.8 KB] (November 2012)


Nurses and Environmental Health [PDF, 197.6 KB] (June 2017) 

Nurses and Midwives Collaborate on Client-centred Care [PDF, 236.9 KB] (joint, 2011)

Nurses, Health and Human Rights [PDF, 139.3 KB] (November 2018) 

  • History - Retired: June 2011 [PDF, 247.8 KB]

Nursing Informatics [PDF, 177 KB] (March 2017) 

Nursing Leadership [PDF, 403.9 KB] (October 2009)


The Palliative Approach to Care and the Role of the Nurse [PDF, 570 KB]

Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Planning [PDF, 263.7 KB] (March 2012)

Patient Safety [PDF, 1.7 MB] (joint, June 2019) 

Planetary Health (joint, April 2024)

Practice Environments: Maximizing Outcomes for Clients, Nurses and Organizations [PDF, 317.2 KB] (joint, May 2015)

Primary Health Care [PDF, 230 KB] (November 2015)

Promoting Continuing Competence for Registered Nurses [PDF, 313.2 KB] (joint, June 2004)

Promoting Cultural Competence in Nursing [PDF, 1.7 MB] (March 2018) 


The Role of Health Professionals in Tobacco Cessation [PDF, 433.4 KB] (joint, June 2011)


Scopes of Practice [PDF, 77.6 KB] (June 2003)

Social Determinants of Health [PDF, 149.1 KB] (November 2018) 

Spirituality, Health and Nursing Practice [PDF, 273.8 KB] (June 2010)

Staff mix decision-making framework for quality nursing care [PDF, 215.8 KB] (January 2014)


Taking Action on Nurse Fatigue [PDF, 346.7 KB] (October 2010)

Toward an Environmentally Responsible Canadian Health Sector [PDF, 340.1 KB] (joint, November 2009)


The Value of Nursing History Today [PDF, 192.9 KB] (September 2007)


Workplace Violence and Bullying [PDF, 313.3 KB] (joint, May 2015)