Nurse Practitioner Resources

Nurse Practitioner Resources


Federal Income Tax Act and Regulations: Recognition of Nurse Practitioners [PDF, 55.3 KB] (fact sheet)

The Nurse Practitioner [PDF, 136.1 KB] (position statement)

Nurse Practitioners in the Emergency Department [PDF, 285.8 KB] (fact sheet)

Nurse Practitioners in Long-Term Care [PDF, 291 KB] (fact sheet)

Nurse Practitioners In Rural and Remote Communities [PDF, 69 KB] (fact sheet)

Canadian Nurse Practitioner Core Competency Framework [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam

Practice Framework for Nurse Practitioners in Canada [PDF, 206.9 KB]

Canadian Centre for Advanced Practice Nursing Research (CCAPNR)

Benchmarking for Nurse Practitioner Patient Panel Size and Comparative Analysis of Nurse Practitioner Pay Scales (report)

Canadian Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction” (journal article)

Cultivating Communities of Practice for Nurse Practitioners” (journal article)

Defining a Role for Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners in Rural Nova Scotia” (journal article)

The Integration of Nurse Practitioners into Canadian Emergency Departments” (journal article)

Integration of Nurse Practitioners in Long-Term Care in Canada” (journal article)

Integration of Nurse Practitioners into Ontario's Primary Healthcare System” (journal article)

A Measure of Collaboration Between Nurse Practitioners and Physicians in Primary Care” (journal article)

The Power and Politics of Collaboration in Nurse Practitioner Role Development” (journal article)

Practitioner — A Strategy for Healthcare System Improvement (brochure)

Nurse Practitioner and Physician Collaboration in Ontario Long-term Care Homes” (journal article)

Nurse Practitioner Role Development: A Framework to Assess Role Integration” (journal article)

Nurse Practitioner Role Implementation in Ontario Public Health Units” (journal article)

Nurse Practitioners Can Play an Important Role in Pain Management in Long-Term Care” (journal article)

The Transformational Journey of Nurse Practitioners in Acute Care Settings” (journal article)

A Workforce Snapshot of Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners in Ontario” (journal article)

Canadian Nurses Protective Society

CMPA/CNPS: Joint Statement on Liability Protection for Nurse Practitioners and Physicians in Collaborative Practice

CNPS Plus (optional extended protection plan for Canadian nurses)

Canadian NP organizations

Association des infirmières praticiennes spécialisées du Québec (available in French only)

British Columbia Nurse Practitioner Association

London Region Advanced Practice Nurses

Newfoundland and Labrador Nurse Practitioner Association (job board)

Nurse Practitioner Association of Alberta

Nurse Practitioner Association of Canada

Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba

Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Nova Scotia

Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario

Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program

Prince Edward Island Nurse Practitioner Association (PEINPA)

International NP organizations

Advance Healthcare Network for NPs and PAs (U.S. news magazine)

American Academy of Nursing

American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Association of Advanced Practice Educators (U.K.)

Australian College of Nurse Practitioners

International Advanced Practice Nursing

International Council of Nurses Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing Network

Irish Association of Advanced Nurse and Midwife Practitioners

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (U.S.)

National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (U.S.)

NP Central (U.S.)

Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education (U.S.)

Nurse Practitioners New Zealand

Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (U.S.)

Nursing and Midwifery Council (U.K.)