Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

Nomination procedure

Nominations, which must provide clear evidence of sustained support for the CNA Certification Program, must be made by one of the following:

  • A current CNA-certified nurse or certification candidate
  • A group of CNA-certified nurses and/or candidates with the same employer
  • Employers themselves

Some examples of sustained support are as follows:

  • CNA certification credential mentioned in advertisements and/or job descriptions when recruiting for nurses.
  • Facility- or company-wide recognition of the achievements of CNA-certified nurses (e.g., award ceremony, newsletter, letter of recognition, plaque displaying the names of CNA-certified nurses).
  • Financial support for nurses taking their certification exams or obtaining certification renewal.
  • Provision of other types of compensation (e.g., pay differential, education leave for exam preparation, continuous learning support, purchase of resource materials, provision of study room).
  • Encouragement of nurses to act as mentors, either on a day-to-day basis with workplace colleagues or for the CNA Certification Mentorship Program.
  • Provision and/or support of mentorship study groups.
  • Support of professional participation on a CNA certification examination committee or other examination development activities.

Eligibility criteria

The nominee must be an employer of nurses.

General guidelines

In fairness to each nominee, we ask that every nominator follow these general guidelines:

  • The nomination process must include evidence for the selection criteria.
  • Each nominee will be assessed solely on the information in their nomination form. Please do not include phrases such as “see attached document” when specific information is requested.
  • The committee will assess each nomination according to the information included in the online nomination form. This will allow a fair assessment of each candidate as well as a uniform and transparent decision.

Nominees for the Employer Certification Support Award are also considered for honourable mention.

For further information, please contact

Privacy policy: personal information that is collected will be used only for processing nominations and related followup.