Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To make nursing better — for nurses, for patients, and for our public health systems.

Our Vision

Progressive leadership that unites nurses to advance our profession, the health of Canadians, and a healthier environment and society.

Our Values

Courage: CNA will provide honest, open, and critical dialogue to advance concrete and bold solutions to issues of importance to nurses, the nursing profession, and to health outcomes. We will promote nursing and be an active and unifying voice for nurses.

Equity: CNA understands there are multiple systems of oppression in society. We will speak out against racism, discrimination, and prejudice in and outside of the nursing profession, and will prioritize policies and reforms that will address and transform embedded systems of inequity and oppression. We will advocate for optimizing the contributions and integral role of contemporary nursing practice and leadership by providing equitable, accessible, quality and culturally relevant care and services to all individuals and populations. We will be anti-racist and will combat racism among nurses.

Diversity: CNA represents a diverse profession including retired nurses, nursing students, and all categories of nurses (registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed and registered practical nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses) and spanning gender, race, specialty, culture, age, religion, disability, geography, language, sexual orientation/expression, and socioeconomic status. We recognize the importance of a diverse nursing profession. Starting within our association, diversity must be reflected in all aspects of the organization, and include all types of nurses, to better understand the true importance of diversity throughout all aspects of nursing practice.

Excellence: CNA believes to reach national and global excellence in nursing practice, the organization must foster relationships with like-minded organizations and that these partnerships must be grounded on the principles of equity, dignity, collaboration, compassion, innovation, trust and respect. Our programs and services, and the Canadian Academy of Nursing, will position nurses to achieve excellence in clinical practice. Our aim is to help nurses become leaders who promote and advocate for the highest standards of nursing across all domains and regulated categories of practice.

Innovation: CNA will harness the strengths and leadership of nurses, including research produced by nurses, to challenge community, regional, national, and global problems. We will drive innovation in policy, health systems, and health service delivery.

Trust: As the national professional association representing all nursing voices, CNA must be trustworthy, reliable, factual, and truthful, promoting confidence in the nursing profession.

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