Exam Results & Retesting

Exam Results and Retesting

The exam committee for each nursing specialty or area of nursing practice sets the pass mark (using a modified Angoff method) by rating each question according to its difficulty and the expected success rate of nurses with at least two years of full-time experience in the area of certification. As well, testing consultants use statistical information to ensure that the pass mark is fair and valid. The exam pass mark is not published.

Your results will be mailed to you approximately six weeks after the last day of the exam administration period. Your results will be reported as pass or unsuccessful.

If you are unsuccessful, your letter will include your Certification Examination Performance Report, which outlines your performance in each category tested on the exam.

Certification candidates whose exam results were unsuccessful are eligible for a reduced rewrite fee (valid over the next two calendar years).

Exam fees are not refundable when exam results are unsuccessful.