The Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties will lead by:

  • Taking an active role in the advancement of high-quality health care for all
  • Network representatives participate on the CNA specialty nursing practice advisory council, creating a forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge among network members
  • Leading the development of relevant national nursing policy in collaboration with CNA

The network will focus on education by:

  • Supporting and promoting the CNA Certification Program and other CNA-accredited programs
  • Promoting specialized education and professional development relevant to the specialty groups
  • Promoting specialized practice competencies for network members through continuing education
  • Engaging with student nurses to expose them to specialized knowledge and nursing practice

The network will engage in policy development and advocacy by:

  • Speaking out on issues related to specialty nursing and the health of the people in Canada, in partnership with CNA
  • Developing and promoting strategies and tools that support and advocate for healthy public policy, in partnership with CNA
  • Establishing strategic partnerships and alliances to strengthen the collective voice of nurses on key specialty issues and policies.

The network will advance research and evidence-informed practice by:

  • Facilitating the promotion and dissemination of standards, competencies and best practice guidelines for specialized knowledge and nursing practice
  • Integrating research to inform specialized knowledge and nursing practice
  • Facilitating opportunities to conduct joint research between specialty groups and/or with CNA as well as other health organizations