Nursing Shortages

Nursing Shortages

Canada’s health-care system is failing people in Canada and it is no longer working the way it should be:

  • Nurses are exhausted, depleted, and leaving their jobs.
  • Patients are facing longer and longer wait times.
  • Health-care providers are finding serious illnesses in patients that should have been diagnosed much sooner.
  • Millions do not have access to a primary care provider.
  • An alarming number of emergency departments (EDs) have been closing their doors.

This situation is largely being driven by nursing shortages, which is having detrimental consequences to the health-care system, leading to the delivery of poor-quality care and poor patient outcomes.

To ensure all people living in Canada can access the care they need, when they need it, all levels of government need to strengthen and invest in Canada’s nursing workforce.

Send a letter to your federal and provincial/territorial elected officials to urge them to work together to fix Canada’s health-care crisis and nursing shortages. 

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