Heather Johnson, the Yukon

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Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson, the Yukon


With nurses in practice like Heather Johnson, RN, MN, the nursing profession is in very good hands. From the time she arrived in Whitehorse many years ago, Heather has been remarkable for her knowledge, compassion and deep interest in nursing excellence. She has demonstrated a holistic view of her practice, her patients and her environment.

Heather continues to seek knowledge, which is demonstrated by completing a master’s degree in the last few years. While completing her master’s, she also continued to work in a number of settings, including home care. To each setting, she brings respect for all persons and a high level of compassion and ethical behaviour.

Heather is also often seen about the city, engaged in volunteer work with groups that protect vulnerable citizens and the fragile environment. Today Heather’s practice reflects her primary commitment and passion: to provide culturally competent, quality health care to those so often left behind by the system, the marginalized population of Whitehorse. She continues to be a consistent care provider on the outreach van and is an effective advocate for those who have little voice or influence as they struggle to meet their basic needs. One of the most meaningful and hopeful local initiatives for care of the marginalized is the new outreach clinic based at the downtown Salvation Army. Put simply, this clinic exists because of Heather’s vision, optimism and very hard work.

Heather Johnson has made a unique contribution to our profession, and more importantly, to the people of the Yukon. She embodies Gandhi’s simple, powerful words: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”