Heather Keith, Saskatchewan

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Heather Keith

Heather Keith, Saskatchewan


Heather Keith, RN(NP), began her career as a general duty nurse before moving into critical care nursing in an urban care center. In 1999, Heather’s passion for working in the North became a reality. During that time, she demonstrated leadership and critical-thinking skills in remote nursing stations.

Heather left the nursing station in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, in 2007, but remained dedicated to advancing care for northern people. She became the director of RN(NP) education for the three northern health authorities and was responsible for the orientation of all primary care nurses, working under the transfer of medical function. She conducted all clinical audits, as well as all nurses’ chart and practice audits, and was the lifeline to nurses in the North. Heather made access to health-care services possible to residents of northern Saskatchewan through her efforts as a nurse practitioner.

Heather Keith practises evidence-based nursing — she believes in posting clinical practice guidelines on the walls to make them visible for everyone. Heather has successfully helped patients manage diabetes, coronary artery disease, COPD and depression with her simple follow-up book. Her commitment to building relationships with community members and other professionals is based on her spirit of providing competent, caring and compassionate knowledge-based nursing.