Leah Jamnicky, Ontario

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Leah Jamnicky

Leah Jamnicky, Ontario


Leah Jamnicky, RN, BScN, has developed countless patient-education materials and programs. She is the urological resource for the multidisciplinary staff across Toronto’s entire University Health Network (UHN). Leah was awarded the Excellence in Patient Education Award at UHN. She is recognized for her innovative approach to patient care.

One of Leah’s greatest attributes is the ability to empower patients, which she often does by increasing their knowledge. In 2003, she co-authored with Dr. Robert Nam at Sunnybrook hospital a book called So You’re Having Prostate Surgery, which was released internationallyAfter a second book with Dr. Nam in 2008, she released the 2nd edition of her Canadian Guide to Prostate Cancer. Among the many comprehensive features of this book is the inclusion of the gay community and what prostate cancer means to them, a first for books on the subject.

Fifteen years ago, Leah surveyed patients to explore the impact of treatment on health-related quality of life, an outcome that was rarely measured or considered in the treatment of prostate cancer. This initiative led to the development of the first and largest Canadian comprehensive care database, which currently has over 13,500 unique patients (with 365 data fields per patient).

Four years ago, with her colleagues at UHN, Leah established the first Canadian Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic. The clinic features a multidisciplinary approach to helping patients survive prostate cancer by integrating a bio-psychosocial program. This clinic has just been awarded 2nd place in the Cancer Care Ontario Quality Care Award for 2012.