Lenora Marcellus, British Columbia

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Lenora Marcellus

Lenora Marcellus, British Columbia


The commendable contribution of Lenora Marcellus, RN, BSN, MN, PhD, to the women and neonates of British Columbia sets her apart as a passionate advocate for her community and an exemplar for nurses in the province. Lenora demonstrates exceptional leadership and foresight in her work with substance-exposed infants and their mothers.

Her research led to the publication of With Child — Substance use During Pregnancy: A Woman-centred Approach (2007), co-edited with Susan Boyd. With Child advises health professionals on the effect of social challenges, substance use and the health of women throughout the perinatal period. Lenora’s innovative research in this area is stimulating professional discourse within neonatal nursing in Canada and the United States.

She developed the safe babies program, a B.C. Ministry of Children and Family initiative providing education and training for parents and caregivers of substance-exposed infants. In 2009, Lenora completed a review and update of the program, and she continues to facilitate training for foster parents and caregivers throughout B.C. as well as provide this training in other provinces.

The Vermont Oxford Network, an international collaboration of health-care professionals representing over 900 neonatal intensive care units, has recognized Lenora’s expertise by inviting her to present at their 2013 annual meeting.