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Why I Became Certified

We talked to certified nurses about the value of their credential and how it has advanced their careers. These are their stories.

Darlene Bunn, COHN(C)

"Passing the certification exam and maintaining my credential has always left me with a big sense of pride and accomplishment."


Maria Chiera,      CNN(C)

"Certification really gives that extra knowledge that makes a difference in your nursing care."


Nanci Forfellow, COHN(C)

"I have found that having my certification has helped me be the successful candidate for positions that I have applied for over the years."


Danica Hamilton, CNeoN(C), PNC(C), CNCCP(C)

“My proudest moment of my career was working with a family and a family member noticed my CNA certifications.”


Judy Metcalfe, COHN(C)

"I believe certification is an important credential that shows expertise and a commitment to ongoing learning in my specialty."


Chris Tigeris,  COHN(C)

"I can provide the latest information about the concerns facing my clients along with better treatment and counselling options."


Brian Verrall, COHN(C)

"It demonstrates to employers my dedication to the field because of my constant upgrading of my knowledge and skills."