Get Involved in Your Specialty Nursing Association

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Get Involved in Your Specialty Nursing Association

Top 10 reasons to join your specialty nursing association

10. Receive your own specialty journal or newsletter
9.   Access specialty-related events and job postings
8.   Receive member benefits like national conference discounts, AGM voting rights, members' only website access, awards and more
7.   Help to develop and uphold standards of practice related to your specialty
6.   Demonstrate your commitment to competence in your specialty and accumulating continuing education hours
5.   Demonstrate your commitment to promoting your specialty
4.   Become part of CNA’s national nursing voice by giving your feedback on national policies
3.   Connect with other nurses in your specialty across Canada while working to influence policy and improve the health of all Canadians
2.   Participate on the board and on committees, workshops, webinars and more

And the number 1 reason to join your national nursing specialty association is…

1.   Work collaboratively with CNA