CNA Mural

CNA Mural

Canadian Nurses Association Unveils Massive 28-storey Mural to Celebrate Nurses Nationwide

OTTAWA and TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 14, 2022 — The Canadian Nurses Association, the national organization dedicated to championing nurses across Canada, today unveiled a massive, 28-storey reminder to people in Canada of the immense role nurses have played and continue to play amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, which has created a health-care crisis.

The mural, entitled “We Are Nurses — We Answer The Call,” located at Toronto’s Dixon Hall shelter in the Yonge-Dundas area, was officially dedicated this morning at an on-site ceremony, which included remarks from CNA executives and spokespersons.

“COVID has impacted the nursing profession in measures we still can’t quantify,” said Tim Guest, CNA president. “Nurses in all practice settings, many in crisis, have played a significant role in the last two years responding to this deadly virus. Despite the disproportionate toll on their own mental health as a result, they have continued to answer the call that this pandemic has foisted on Canadian health systems. The latest wave may be waning, but we are still in the middle of a bonafide health-care crisis. This monumental artwork serves as a reminder of nurses’ sacrifice.”

The mural, created by artist collective Oneday Creates, depicts the diverse faces of four nurses looking out at the city’s skyline. Complementing the static image featured on the wall, and as a nod to the art and science in which the nursing profession is steeped, the mural also contains an augmented reality overlay, launched via QR code on mobile devices. The augmented reality experience brings the nurses’ faces to life with voiceovers and links to stories from the front line and other CNA initiatives.

“If we don’t care for our nurses,” said CNA spokesperson and JUNO award winning Indigenous singer-songwriter Susan Aglukark, “how can we expect them to care for us? The nursing profession is on the brink of collapse. Nurses are burned out, demoralized and have little left to give — and yet they still show up.”

Added Guest: “Without nurses, there can be no health care. We need nurses to know that people living in Canada have their backs. We hope every nurse that sees this mural is reminded of this sentiment and hopefully of the concrete positive actions spurred in the wake of this crisis.”

Immerse yourself in a 3D augmented reality experience of our #WeAnswerTheCall mural via a desktop computer: Here’s how:

  1. Visit on your desktop computer
  2. Point your phone’s camera at the mural’s QR code
  3. Once scanned, your experience will begin
  4. Keep the mural within the camera's frame


Watch the video of the 3D augmented experience.