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Fact Sheets


CNA’s Key Messages on Anti-Black Racism in Nursing and Health [PDF, 95.2 KB]

Ecoliteracy – Survey Results [PDF, 158.1 KB]


Climate change and health in your nursing practice [PDF, 83.6 KB]


Fact Sheet: Telehealth [PDF, 148.6 KB]

Fact Sheet: Complementary Roles of Nursing Regulatory Bodies and Professional Associations [PDF, 231.7 KB]

Fact Check: Dispelling Myths About Supervised Consumption Sites [PDF, 149.3 KB]


Privacy Of Personal Health Information [PDF, 292.5 KB]


Determinants of Health


Peace and Health [PDF, 261.8 KB]

Nurses Offer Solutions For Cost-Effective Health Care [PDF, 239.4 KB]

The Value Of Registered Nurses [PDF, 266.2 KB]

Problematic Substance Use By Nurses [PDF, 263.5 KB]


Canadian Nurses Association Databases [PDF, 274.4 KB]


Violence in the Workplace [PDF, 39.5 KB]

The Nursing Perspective On Patient Safety [PDF, 36.8 KB]


Hepatitis C [PDF, 26.8 KB]


Effective Health Care Equals Primary Health Care (PHC) [PDF, 26.6 KB]

Role of the Nurse Practitioner Around the World [PDF, 59.1 KB]

Financing Nurse Practitioner Services [PDF, 42.4 KB]

Glossary Of Some Common Terms Related To Reproductive And Genetic Technologies (RGTS) [PDF, 47.8 KB]

Historical Overview Of Reproductive And Genetic Technologies (RGTS) [PDF, 51.1 KB]


Palliative Care [PDF, 52.8 KB]

Organ Donation and Tissue Transplantation [PDF, 59.8 KB]

Nurses as First Call [PDF, 52.9 KB]

Occupational Health Nurses: A Good Return on Investment [PDF, 52.9 KB]

Occupational Health Nurses in Ontario: Impact on employee and employer benefits [PDF, 52.9 KB]

The Canada Health Act [PDF, 39 KB]

The Primary Health Care Approach [PDF, 48.4 KB]

A Breastfeeding Partnership [PDF, 56.4 KB]

Early Discharge of Maternal Clients [PDF, 50.6 KB]

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