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The CNA Accreditation Program upholds standards of quality for continuing professional development for nurses in Canada.

All CNA-accredited continuing education programs and offerings are subject to a rigorous quality assessment process to ensure that learning and development initiatives meet CNA’s standards of excellence.  Organizations come to CNA to achieve nationwide recognition for the value their programs offer.


Intense and focused learning takes place at conferences that curate specific topics and areas of specialty. A variety of environments allow for multi-modal learning for a broad range of attendees. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no scheduled accredited conferences at this time.

Courses and programs

Topics come from across the country and spectrum of nursing, ranging from 1-100 hours in length. See the list of CNA-accredited courses and programs.


Examinations challenge the individual to apply the knowledge gained from education and to critically think in different scenarios. Exams must meet a standard based on competencies, evidence-based literature and applied research. See the list of CNA-accredited exams.

For organizations seeking more information about the application process and fees, please contact us at accreditation@cna-aiic.ca.