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Vision, Mission, Priorities

Vision for 2014-2017

To ensure that specialized nursing knowledge and practice are recognized as vital components of individual, family, community and population centred health-care delivery and professional practice within the Canadian health system.

Mission for 2014-2017

With the Canadian Nurses Association, and through its mission of unifying the voices of nurses in Canada, the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties (the network) supports excellence in, and contributes to, specialized nursing knowledge and practice by providing opportunities in leadership, education, policy advocacy, and research and evidence-informed practice. The network uses available best practices in conducting its work.

In leadership, the network

  • takes an active role in the advancement of high-quality health care for all;
  • represents the interests of its members on the CNA board and in CNA-supported activities;
  • creates a forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge among its members; and
  • leads the development of relevant national nursing policy in collaboration with CNA.

In education, the network

  • promotes CNA’s certification program;
  • provides continuing education and professional development relevant to the network; and
  • engages with student nurses to ensure the future of specialized knowledge and nursing practice.

In policy and advocacy, the network

  • speaks out on issues related to nursing and the health of the people in Canada in partnership with CNA;
  • develops and promotes strategies and tools that support and advocate for healthy public policy in collaboration with CNA; and
  • establishes strategic partnerships and alliances to strengthen the collective voice of nurses on key issues and policies.

In research and evidence-informed practice, the network

  • promotes and disseminates standards and competencies for specialized nursing practice;
  • promotes and disseminates best practice guidelines for specialized knowledge and nursing practice; supported by relevant and current research;
  • disseminates and integrates research to inform specialized knowledge and nursing practice;
  • facilitates opportunities to conduct joint research with its members; and
  • promotes specialized practice competencies for its members through continuing education and professional development.

Priorities for 2014-2017

To promote the unique contribution of registered nurses with specialized knowledge and skills in Canada, as represented through the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties.

To demonstrate that registered nurses with specialized knowledge and practice, when part of an appropriate nursing staff-mix model, can contribute cost savings to the Canadian health-care system while improving client outcomes and safety.

To position the registered nurse with specialized knowledge and practice as a key leader within interprofessional health-care teams.