Pam Archibald, Saskatchewan

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Pam Archibald

Pam Archibald, Saskatchewan


Pam Archibald, RN(NP), has worked in a variety of settings, including emergency room, surgical and a northern nursing station. These positions provided her with invaluable knowledge and experience that she is able to apply to her current role as nurse practitioner in the Shellbrooke Primary Health Care Clinic.

When Pam is faced with a new treatment regime, a complex patient or an unusual symptom, she investigates and uses an evidence-based approach to ensure her patients receive the best care possible.
Pam also strives to build a team atmosphere at the clinic and works collaboratively with another nurse practitioner, a physician, diabetes educator’s team, registered nurse and medical office receptionist.

Pam’s main priority is her patients. She is compassionate and caring and strives to provide patient and family-focused care. Chronic disease management is only a small part of her day. She also spends considerable time involved in community engagement activities. Besides having a very busy role in the clinic, Pam recently took on an additional role: presenting a six-week program for individuals and families living with chronic conditions called Live Well with Chronic Conditions.

Pam exemplifies the role of the nurse practitioner, showing how this role aligns with the team-based care model.