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The #IKnowANurse campaign is part of CNA’s continued efforts to shine a light on the many roles nurses play along everyone’s health-care journey.

Everyone knows a nurse. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or a nurse who left a lasting impression, we want to hear your story. Are you a nurse? Tell us about your own experience, or describe the person who inspired you to enter the profession. Share your anecdotes, photos and videos on social media using our hashtags #IKnowANurse, #WeAnswerTheCall and #CNA2021. We’ll share your stories on our social media channels so nurses across Canada will be moved by the outpouring of support!

Nurses are in every community, providing care from birth to the end of life. Throughout history, the nursing profession has played a major role in stepping into times of crisis, providing care and creating solutions that have saved lives and reduced suffering. This pandemic has proven no different, as nurses have continued to provide care to those in need despite critical fatigue.

Join us and help us tell the story how as nurses, #WeAnswerTheCall.