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Lynn M. Nagle

Lynn M. Nagle, PhD, RN, FAAN, is nationally and internationally known for her work in health and nursing informatics. With a baccalaureate in nursing from the University of New Brunswick, a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Toronto, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Rochester, New York, she brings expertise from many different clinical and academic settings across several provincial jurisdictions. Her unique career trajectory has been a journey of forging new career paths and preparing nurses for the world of digital health, embracing opportunities to provide leadership in several non-traditional roles, and positioning nursing as a central player in the realm of all things eHealth.

The founding President of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association, she has been recognized as a Distinguished Alumni of the University of Rochester, received the inaugural Canada’s Health Informatics Leadership Award (2005) and Clinician Leadership award (2014), named among the top 100 nurses (2008) and 150 Nurses for Canada (2017) by the Canadian Nurses Association, inducted as a Fellow into the American Academy of Nursing (2015), and named one of the inaugural Top 10 Women Leaders in Digital Health in Canada (2017). has participated in and led the development of numerous digital health initiatives, as well as research focused on the adoption of digital health solutions in practice environments.

She has served on numerous provincial, national and international community boards, expert panels and advisory committees focused on the advancement of digital health locally and globally. Since 2010, she has served as Editor-in-Chief for the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership and has numerous professional publications and presentations to her credit. With adjunct appointments at the University of New Brunswick, the University of Toronto, and Western University, Dr. Nagle teaches in undergraduate and graduate programs focused in nursing, health administration and informatics.