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National Nursing Week 2017

May 8-14: #YESThisIsNursing

Ideas for celebrating

The National Nursing Week theme for 2017 and 2018 is: #YESThisIsNursing.

Congratulations to Alliah Over, RN, MN, of Newmarket, Ontario, who wins the $200 theme contest prize. Her suggestion — presented as a social media hashtag — was selected from among nearly 300 submissions by nurses, students and other Canadians. Alliah is a public health nurse in the Regional Municipality of York’s healthy living division.

Here is how she described the inspiration for her submission:

Nursing roles are evolving at an exponential rate, particularly with the influence of technology and the expansion of digital technologies. We can leverage social media to raise awareness, promote advocacy and connect people across the globe on important issues. For me, this theme speaks to the expanding traditional and non-traditional roles, settings and sectors nurses work in as well as the unique opportunities for our profession presented by social media and emerging tech trends.


We’ll soon be creating a National Nursing Week poster highlighting this new theme, which will be free to download for e-mailing to colleagues or printing and hanging in your workplace.

Ideas for celebrating

  • Have a series of lunch-and-learn sessions where nurses from different practice areas present on their role and responsibilities
  • Invite a nursing leader to present on a topic of interest to colleagues or community gatherings
  • Plan a social outing with all the nurses in your organization
  • Display nursing artifacts, such as school hats, pins and uniforms, in a prominent area of your workplace
  • Organize a potluck lunch or a healthy snack break to bring nurses and other employees together
  • On social media, tell others about the diversity of your role by using the #YESThisIsNursing hashtag
  • Offer to conduct a nursing careers session at a local school
  • Suggest story ideas or offer to be interviewed by your local media, focusing on stories related to the NNW theme