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Aging and Seniors Care

seniors home health care
Read our full-page insert in the Globe and Mail on seniors home health care.
Healthy aging is an integral part of healthy living and has a significant impact on population health. As one ages, factors that affect health include economic status, availability of health-care and community services, and infrastructure such as transportation and appropriate housing.

CNA recommendations to the federal government

Emerging RN roles in the care of older adults

CNA and the nurses of Canada are working to transform our health-care system to give Canadian seniors better and more responsive care.

In the following four-part series, RN Solutions in the Care of Older Adults, CNA brings RN-led innovations to light, highlighting new and emerging roles for nurses in seniors’ care.

Click each image to see one of four profiles in our series and to find out how nurses are already improving seniors care — across the continuum and in different practice settings.