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CNA’s national nursing leadership on cannabis in Canada focuses on two key areas:

  • Preparations for the legalization of non-medical cannabis, which emphasizes public health and a harm reduction approach
  • The role of nurses in the use of medical cannabis



Non-medical cannabis

[PDF, 73.6 KB] How to Reduce the Harms of Non-Medical Cannabis Use [PDF, 73.6 KB] [PDF, 73.6 KB] (Infographic, 2018)
[PDF, 669.3 KB] Harm Reduction for Non-Medical Cannabis Use [PDF, 669.3 KB] [PDF, 669.3 KB] (CNA discussion paper, 2017)
  • Submission to the federal task force on cannabis legalization and regulation [PDF, 293.7 KB] [PDF, 293.7 KB] (August 2016)
  • CNA contributions to the House of Commons standing committee on health (HESA) and the Senate standing committee on social affairs, science and technology (SOCI) — Bill C-45, An Act Respecting Cannabis and to Amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code and Other Acts
  • Survey for Canadian Nurses on the Legalization of Cannabis — summary of results [PDF, 471.6 KB] [PDF, 471.6 KB]
  • In March 2018, CNA hosted a Health Canada-funded pan-Canadian interactive think-tank where presenters and attendees (including collaborating partners) provided substantial expertise on nursing practice, current cannabis research, knowledge translation, and education for patients and the public. A report from this think-tank is available upon request (English only).

Medical cannabis

[PDF, 94.8 KB] Cannabis Critical Thinking Pathway for Nursing Practice [PDF, 94.8 KB] [PDF, 94.8 KB]

Non-CNA cannabis-related resources for health-care providers

Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (LRCUG): [PDF, 721.5 KB] [PDF, 721.5 KB] 10 Ways to Reduce Risks to Your Health When Using Cannabis (CAMH)
Cannabis & Your Health: [PDF, 194.4 KB] [PDF, 194.4 KB] 10 Ways to Reduce Risks When Using (PHAC, CAMH, CRISM)
Information for Health Care Professionals: Cannabis (marihuana, marijuana) and the Cannabinoids (Health Canada)

Health Canada cannabis evidence briefs